Biscuits and Beer

I moved to East Flatbush over a decade ago and the landscape and name both have changed. I randomly saw this restaurant pop up near my house and decided to try it. I got an egg and cheese frittata sandwich, with smashed avocado and I added fried chicken. The egg was a little burnt, like bottom of pan. Chicken was cooked perfectly. I had a latte, it was amazing. I would go back try a hard cider, not a beer drinker.


On my drive home from work on Sundays, I pass this restaurant. I was meeting the girls for happy hour and figured we could try this place. The server was nice, but uninformative. When we decided to order food they were out of chicken. Like, no wings, chicken for tacos, no chicken in the building. They also were out of whole salmon, so the salmon tacos we ordered I’m pretty sure the salmon was from a can. It would’ve been been helpful to know that prior to looking at the menu. I ended up ordering nothing. My frineds got crab cakes, they were dry. Salmon tacos, they were ok but it was chopped up like tuna. Shrimp tacos, the shrimps were cut in half. Overall, very disappointed. I wouldn’t go here again on my own.


I follow mostly restuarant and food related accounts on IG. I came a across a picture of fish and chips and a cool looking drink. I put this place on my list and found a good time to go. When we got there we did not have a reservation and the hostess showed us two menus, like a main dinner seating and a more casual communal table. I liked the casual menu a little better, so we went with that. The drink I ordered was vodka based, it had lemon and elderflower and a splash of prosecco it was so refreshing. The fish and chips were so good. The fish was crispy, it was served with crushed minted peas. That was a nice addition to the dish. I would back and try something else. It’s in Hudson Yards so the views are amazing.

Cantina and Cantina Rooftop

I love Mexican and happy hour, this gives me the best of both worlds. I usually frequent the two Harlem locations, I decided to try the rooftop. With both Harlem spots, the vibe is chill, cold drinks and fast service. I order guacamole, elote, tacos and wings. I usually get flavored margaritas too. I like the variety of tacos better in Harlem. The view and service at the rooftop was the best. I liked the food and drink varieties better at the rooftop. I had a chipotle corn guacamole, chicken tacos(it was Taco Tuesday)and a frose drink in addition to my margaritas. I would go back to the rooftop and order my drinks and food the first shot.

Chocolat, brunch

So I have previous dinner post about this place. The food is still good, service still shaky. For some reason they served a large party ahead of our party of two. He did tell us about the wait, but a drink refill or an appetizer would’ve been a nice gesture. We ordered a pitcher of white sangria, cheddar and mozzarella omelet and a turkey burger. They do have unlimited mimosas and bellinis as an option. The pitcher was a better choice for us. The food was good, the burger was seasoned well. I would go back and jave something sweet, like pancakes or waffles. Maybe third times a charm with the service.

Beatstro, brunch

I am truly a Bk girl at heart, on a rare occasion I find myself in the Bronx. The menu was interesting, took me longer to decide on sweet or savory. We decided on mac and cheese as a share, so getting the chicken and waffle was an easier choice. The chicken was nicely fried and seasoned. The waffle had a nice crisp and flavor. Mac and cheese was made with shells amd was actually good. I would like to go back for happy hour and wings, my favorite.

Butter and Scotch, aka Drunk Bakers

I stumbled upon this place on Instagram. They’re known as the drunk bakers, they have the most insane cake sayings. Because the are a bar as well, I had to make my way. Went on Saturday evening, bar was full sat a table in the back. Browsed through the menu decided on a drink with mezcal and citrus. Usually not a big fan, I was hoping the citrus would make it interesting. It absolutely did, the drink also had a cute S stamped on it. The smores pie was absolutely divine. The torched marshmallow tasted almost like creme brulee. The brown butter cookie was the buttery and yummy. Popcorn got spicer as the bowl emptied. The funky saying cakes were not on display, it truly is a bar. They do serve almost all desserts, including boozy shakes and jello shots. I would go back to have actual cake. Everything I had was really good.


I’ve been here twice, once for an early dinner and the other for a late lunch. Their claim to fame is the hero bread which they get from Philly daily. I don’t eat red meat, so chicken steaks with provolone, peppers and onions for me. The bread was good it was soft. I had the Italian cheese fries, they were amazing. They came out first and pipping hot. The next time I tried the cheese fries, not my favorite. They have so many different fries, I will keep trying til I’ve had all of them so far the Italian ones are my favorite. I like hard cider, they have one on tap perfcet compliment to my meal. They just opened one in Brooklyn, so my next trip will be to that one.

Westchester Burger Co., White Plains

My mother invited me to spend the weekend with her in White Plains. I was looking forward to hotel living for the weekend. I follow a Westchester lifestyle blog, I went straight there for food recommendations. I found this place, it happened to be walking distance from the hotel, score. I walked over during halftime, I was able to watch the game while I ate. Took me a bit longer to order, the menu had more choices then I was expecting. I knew I wanted wings, they had pretzels bites (what I ended up with). Everything came out piping hot. Wings, crispy and sauced perfectly, blue cheese dressing cool and smooth with celery sticks. Pretzel bites served with warm honey mustard and a cheese sauce. I surprisingly ate all of my food. Of course I started the meal with a margarita, perfect compliment to my meal. They have buffalo chicken dip, I may go back today just for that. If you are in the neighborhood this is a definite must.