On my drive home from work on Sundays, I pass this restaurant. I was meeting the girls for happy hour and figured we could try this place. The server was nice, but uninformative. When we decided to order food they were out of chicken. Like, no wings, chicken for tacos, no chicken in the building. They also were out of whole salmon, so the salmon tacos we ordered I’m pretty sure the salmon was from a can. It would’ve been been helpful to know that prior to looking at the menu. I ended up ordering nothing. My frineds got crab cakes, they were dry. Salmon tacos, they were ok but it was chopped up like tuna. Shrimp tacos, the shrimps were cut in half. Overall, very disappointed. I wouldn’t go here again on my own.

2 thoughts on “Savvy

  1. That sounds super sad and disappointing. Why not post a sign or have it be the first thing that the waiter starts off with

    1. Exactly! We said we were looking at the food menu, while we waited for our drinks. That was the time to say, my apologies but we’re out of chicken today….not 15 minutes later when we’re placing our order.

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