Butter and Scotch, aka Drunk Bakers

I stumbled upon this place on Instagram. They’re known as the drunk bakers, they have the most insane cake sayings. Because the are a bar as well, I had to make my way. Went on Saturday evening, bar was full sat a table in the back. Browsed through the menu decided on a drink with mezcal and citrus. Usually not a big fan, I was hoping the citrus would make it interesting. It absolutely did, the drink also had a cute S stamped on it. The smores pie was absolutely divine. The torched marshmallow tasted almost like creme brulee. The brown butter cookie was the buttery and yummy. Popcorn got spicer as the bowl emptied. The funky saying cakes were not on display, it truly is a bar. They do serve almost all desserts, including boozy shakes and jello shots. I would go back to have actual cake. Everything I had was really good.

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