Late night snack, Hoja Santa.

There have been quite a few moments where I’ve had a little more alone time then I wanted.  I have been making the best of it and going out by myself.  I saw a pic of a taco with mac and cheese, fried chicken and collard greens.  I decided to try it.  I grab a seat at the bar and order a classic margarita.  It was served with a spicy salt rim, delicious!  I order guacamole while I waited for my tacos, it was a big portion.  I find that I crave a little heat in my guac, besides missing that it was great.  Flavorful, enough to really dip the chips which were warm I enjoyed it.  I took the rest of the guac home an it was still great the next day.  The tacos were amazing.  They were served with a side of hot sauce the ultimate combination.  The mac and cheese could use a stronger cheese in it. It was soft which fit for the taco.  I would go back for a full meal and more drinks. 





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