On my drive home from work on Sundays, I pass this restaurant. I was meeting the girls for happy hour and figured we could try this place. The server was nice, but uninformative. When we decided to order food they were out of chicken. Like, no wings, chicken for tacos, no chicken in the building. They also were out of whole salmon, so the salmon tacos we ordered I’m pretty sure the salmon was from a can. It would’ve been been helpful to know that prior to looking at the menu. I ended up ordering nothing. My frineds got crab cakes, they were dry. Salmon tacos, they were ok but it was chopped up like tuna. Shrimp tacos, the shrimps were cut in half. Overall, very disappointed. I wouldn’t go here again on my own.


I follow mostly restuarant and food related accounts on IG. I came a across a picture of fish and chips and a cool looking drink. I put this place on my list and found a good time to go. When we got there we did not have a reservation and the hostess showed us two menus, like a main dinner seating and a more casual communal table. I liked the casual menu a little better, so we went with that. The drink I ordered was vodka based, it had lemon and elderflower and a splash of prosecco it was so refreshing. The fish and chips were so good. The fish was crispy, it was served with crushed minted peas. That was a nice addition to the dish. I would back and try something else. It’s in Hudson Yards so the views are amazing.

Cantina and Cantina Rooftop

I love Mexican and happy hour, this gives me the best of both worlds. I usually frequent the two Harlem locations, I decided to try the rooftop. With both Harlem spots, the vibe is chill, cold drinks and fast service. I order guacamole, elote, tacos and wings. I usually get flavored margaritas too. I like the variety of tacos better in Harlem. The view and service at the rooftop was the best. I liked the food and drink varieties better at the rooftop. I had a chipotle corn guacamole, chicken tacos(it was Taco Tuesday)and a frose drink in addition to my margaritas. I would go back to the rooftop and order my drinks and food the first shot.

Chocolat, brunch

So I have previous dinner post about this place. The food is still good, service still shaky. For some reason they served a large party ahead of our party of two. He did tell us about the wait, but a drink refill or an appetizer would’ve been a nice gesture. We ordered a pitcher of white sangria, cheddar and mozzarella omelet and a turkey burger. They do have unlimited mimosas and bellinis as an option. The pitcher was a better choice for us. The food was good, the burger was seasoned well. I would go back and jave something sweet, like pancakes or waffles. Maybe third times a charm with the service.

Chip’s Family Restaurant, Connecticut

So I used to travel to Boston regularly and would pass the place in my travels. One year we went for birthday breakfast for my sister. The pancakes are so good. So good that I travel from Brooklyn to Connecticut at least twice a year for them. I have what’s called White Chocolate Rendezvous, white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and fresh strawberries(which I have on the side). I also get eggs and turkey sausage. The pancakes are the main event. If you’re ever passing through Connecticut, look them up.

Blvd Bistro Brunch

I had dinner here before (see prior post), it was excellent. I was excited to go for brunch. My friend ordered steak and eggs with a side of cheese grits, I ordered the herb omelet with a side of turkey bacon. For drinks we had mimosas and bellinis. The potatoes and grits were room temperature, that was a little disappointing. The food itself was excellent, for sauces they served an African hot pepper sauce, jam and cane sugar butter, fantastic. For dessert we ordered pancakes. The were wonderful, pipping hot, they were served with melted butter and warm syrup. I actually used the cane sugar butter instead, my gosh it was the perfect end to the meal. All in all, this place serves delicious food.

Glow Thai

I saw a picture of a glowing drink online somewhere and followed it to this place. The ambience wasn’t anything special, I almost thought I had the wrong place. The drink menu was very creative, I had two of them. One was a glowy kind of green and the other was smoky and had crushed and vodka infused gummy bears. Both drinks were delicious. For appetizers mussels served with rice, could have easily been a full meal and soy garlic wings. I only had the broth and veggies, not into mussels but it was really tasty. The wings were temperature hot and so crispy, they were perfect. A half crispy duck and basil fried rice with chicken for main courses. The sauce the duck was in was so good, the rice was cooked with the perfect amount of heat I’m glad asked for mild spice. Anymore would have made it unenjoyable. For dessert, fried ice cream!!! I would definitely go back to try some other drinks and dishes.

Magic Hour

I had been really wanting to go here for a few months. Finally got a chance to go for brunch, it was worth the wait. We ordered the pancake stack with cotton candy on top. The actual pancakes were really good, seeved with blueberries apples and bananas. We ordered the frittata and chicken sausage. We split everything, so we had something savory and something sweet. For drinks we had the adult capri sun with grapefruit vodka and a frozen Arnold Palmer with vodka. Both drinks were super refreshing, I’m always a bit concerned with grapefruit cause it can be hit or miss. The mini golf course was available, we just took pictures on it. It’s three holes and a nice addition to your experience. The dj played a great mix of music. I would love to go back for happy hour or at least dinner to try that menu.

Blvd Bistro

Now that I work in East Harlem, I find myself hanging out here after work more. By the time I get back to Brooklyn sadly most happy hours are over. I follow a Harlem based IG page, they posted a brunch picture from this place. I decided to go after work for happy hour and dinner. I absolutely made the right choice. While I waited for my date, they brought me a warm biscuit with maple butter. I ordered a happy hour drink of course. I skipped an appetizer, I had turkey meatloaf, with garlic mash and string beans. Meatloaf was moist, mash was just right and beans still had a slight crisp to them. I went home with just a piece of meatloaf. The meal was priced right, I would definitely like to go back for brunch.