What time is it? Thai time, National

My sister is studying nutrition and science in school. She heard of the World Science fair and we decided to take the kids.  It was a Sunday, we went after work.  There was lots of hands on activities and the kids had a blast.  We left there starving.  We were originally looking for burgers,  somehow we ended up at a Thai place.  My mother and sister had both been to this place, it was my first time.  We were seated right away.  My sister knew what she wanted, chicken fried rice.  It had the right amount of ginger and vegetables in it.  It took me a minute to figure out what I wanted. The kids ordered wings and white rice.  The wings were spicy, sweet, their version of bbq.  My mother had a vegetable dish in a spicy curry sauce.  We all loved the sauce, it was creamy, with a hint of sweet and kick of spice.  We all threw it on our rice.  I ended up with chicken satay.  The chickend was seasoned well and grilled perfectly.  I had a little of everybody’s dish.  The food came out dish by dish, hot and fast.  I would definitely go again, and explore the menu a bit more. 





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