Fuku, the chicken sandwich

We have many options in New York for fried chicken sandwiches. I’m in search of at least three really great ones.  What I like about Fuku, the sandwich, fingers and fries is all they do. They make a few sides that change, but the fried items remain the same. I was a little hesitant because I’m used to the breast, when fried and seasoned well, amazing. This fried thigh was seasoned well and fried well. Watching them make it, is a nice touch, it was served piping hot.  It was juicy, crispy the spread and pickles were the perfect addition. We added a touch of hot sauce, the bun was soft and so tasty, you wanted more. I was honestly surprised that I didn’t want something cool, like lettuce.   They offer a slaw, pickled radish I wanted to try the classic sandwich as they sell it. It needed nothing else.  We ordered a combo, it came with fries and a can soda. We also had the fingers and smoky slaw.  The fries were lightly dusted with a light seasoning that had a slight kick of heat to it.  Everything was great, definitely going back.






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