I wasn’t originally going to write about it but I got a lot of questions about it.  I tried to go one evening after work, it was sold out.  They have other pastries and great looking treats, my quest was for the Cronut.  My relationship is  transitioning and it’s making me feel very sad.  To cheer myself up one morning I hopped off the train at Spring Street and joined the line for the Cronut.   I was going to be at work early had I not made this detour.  I’m calculating I have about forty minutes to get it and get to work.  Ten minutes pass, now twenty at thirty I wonder if it’ll happen. A woman behind me says ‘it’s so worth it, wait a few more minutes’.  Right after she says that an employee comes out and lets us all in, whoop, whoop!  I learned on line that there’s one flavor for the month,  February’s is Raspberry Lychee.   I’m not a fan of the cooked fruit,  I figured it’s a Cronut it’ll be different.  You are only allowed to buy two.  The lady behind me bought my other one.  I got to work with two minutes to spare.  The Cronut looks and smells amazing.  The packaging is super unique.  It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.  It was buttery, flaky and layered like a croissant but shaped and flavored like a donut.  Hence the name Cronut, best of both worlds.  It was just enough to bring me a bit of happiness.  I’ll be back next month for another flavor,  I can hardly wait. 





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