Birthday Brunch at Stanton Social

I decided to go to Stanton Social for birthday brunch.  We sat upstairs,  it was a loungy feel, big sofas and a live deejay.  Their menu is similar to Beauty and Essex, its really tapas food.  We ordered five or six dishes.  I ordered a Pomegranate Peach Bellini. It was the perfect compliment to the dishes that followed.  We started with the Orange Bourbon Pull Apart Bread. It was warm and pre sliced.  Breakfast Bruschetta up next, tasted like pizza.  Had to order the Chicken n Waffle.  I somehow overlooked the corn pudding that was on top of the waffle. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.  Chicken Taquito, it was the best dish. It was crispy, warm and the crema was super flavorful.  The meal was closed out with Carmelized Banana Pancakes. They were hot and fluffy. They were the perfect ending.

The chicken from the chicken and waffle was okay.  That dish was not served hot and that really made a difference to me.

I would like to go again for dinner. If they have a deejay for Sunday brunch, I can only imagine a Saturday night.







#foodporn #brunch #city

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