Fletcher’s BBQ

This post is super late. My phone was stolen the day I lost my Nana. I got a replacement phone and cracked the screen the night I finished packing up her things.  A whole lot in a few weeks. My pictures were also lost, I managed to find most of them but they aren’t uploading. I will try to figure out a way to possibly post some pics later.  Without pics, here finally goes the post.

I used to know of so many places to eat in Brooklyn and now there are so many more choices.  I searched a site for someplace new to go to. I heard smoked meat and got all excited.  This place makes their own sausage, smokes the meat and makes fresh lemonade and iced tea.  You can see the different cuts of the meat. The different roasts and cooking techniques.  They serve the food on a tray with brown paper.  I ordered the pulled chicken, my sister had a pork taco and housemade sausage. My sandwich came with chips (kettle cooked) and cole slaw. I had to order the fridge pickles. I love homemade pickles. They were the perfect compliment to my meal.  The meat was tender and seasoned so well, the chicken was so good, you could taste the smokey flavor without it being overwhelmed.  Her sausage was grilled and served like a hot dog, sans the bun.  The taco had pulled pork.  They had a homemade hot sauce and a bbq sauce with just the amount of tang. I had a Boylan cream soda, the best.  They also had desserts, yum!  A grasshopper, a whoopie pie and a salted caramel brownie.  In case you haven’t noticed I have a thing for salted caramel.  The grasshopper and brownie were amazing.  The whoopie pie, was not it.

I would absolutely go back and have
a real drink and a taco.


I went to Dekalb Food Market and there’s a Fletcher’s. I had a bbq chicken sandwich and bbq waffle fries.  Same great taste, just closer.  






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2 thoughts on “Fletcher’s BBQ

  1. Blogging, you go girl and remember you did not lose your Nana, You know where she is at she is home with God with the rest of his angels. *just a food for thought, keep up the good work Onika!*

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