Westchester Burger Co., White Plains

My mother invited me to spend the weekend with her in White Plains. I was looking forward to hotel living for the weekend. I follow a Westchester lifestyle blog, I went straight there for food recommendations. I found this place, it happened to be walking distance from the hotel, score. I walked over during halftime, I was able to watch the game while I ate. Took me a bit longer to order, the menu had more choices then I was expecting. I knew I wanted wings, they had pretzels bites (what I ended up with). Everything came out piping hot. Wings, crispy and sauced perfectly, blue cheese dressing cool and smooth with celery sticks. Pretzel bites served with warm honey mustard and a cheese sauce. I surprisingly ate all of my food. Of course I started the meal with a margarita, perfect compliment to my meal. They have buffalo chicken dip, I may go back today just for that. If you are in the neighborhood this is a definite must.

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