Brunch at Franks, Prime Meats

Saturday seems to be my brunch day. My girlfriend was in town, we hit the streets early around 11. There was no wait, and they had inside seating under a beautiful skylight. Over the hostess table was a sign for a punch, I saw tequila and immediately was elated. Once we were seated I asked the waiter it was leftover from the previous nights special. Slightly disappointed, I ordered a mimosa, my girlfriend order the punch of the day. Both drinks were good.  They make a pretzel, it’s warm, with grain mustard and salted butter, amazing. It’s on the menu twice, it is a favorite.  I went with an egg white omelet, it had fresh herbs and was served with pickled onions and avocado.  The combo was great, very savory. The farmer’s breakfast, on of their signature dishes, sunnyside up eggs, three kinds of meat, potatoes and toast. She ordered the eggs scrambled the concept was still the same.  For dessert we had pancakes, the were delicious. Light fluffy, just enough powdered sugar and served hot. They had a couple of other interesting dishes.  I would go back again for dinner and drinks.






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