Glow Thai

I saw a picture of a glowing drink online somewhere and followed it to this place. The ambience wasn’t anything special, I almost thought I had the wrong place. The drink menu was very creative, I had two of them. One was a glowy kind of green and the other was smoky and had crushed and vodka infused gummy bears. Both drinks were delicious. For appetizers mussels served with rice, could have easily been a full meal and soy garlic wings. I only had the broth and veggies, not into mussels but it was really tasty. The wings were temperature hot and so crispy, they were perfect. A half crispy duck and basil fried rice with chicken for main courses. The sauce the duck was in was so good, the rice was cooked with the perfect amount of heat I’m glad asked for mild spice. Anymore would have made it unenjoyable. For dessert, fried ice cream!!! I would definitely go back to try some other drinks and dishes.

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