Lunch, Hotel Americano

We had a celebratory lunch for a coworker.  This is the place she choose, it’s close to our office.  I have passed it many times and always said I’d go, this was the puch I needed.  They have a prefix lunch, I wasn’t that thrilled with the options.  I ordered an amazing drink with tequila, mango and smoked chipotle salt on the rim.  A vodka based drink with fresh fruit, it was a little sweet.  Another drink that had cucumber in it.  That drink was refreshingly light.  We ordered,  fish tacos, a chicken club, a chicken sandwich and a chicken quesadilla.  The tacos were good, more of an appetizer, there was only two per order.  The sandwiches were served with salad in a light dressing reminiscent of vinaigrette but much lighter.  The regular sandwich had melted white cheese, avocado and a chipotle spread,  I am a super fan of all three.  The bread was toasted to perfection.  The club had thick cut bacon and another tasty sauce.  They sent over a chocolate mousse dessert for the birthday girl.  That was nice, it was whipped perfectly.   Definitely will go back, the ambiance was really nice, they have a back yard.  We spent about forty dollars per person. 




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