Brunch, Black Swan

I had a two people I know mention this place to me.  They both said the mac and cheese was great.  I found an available moment and went with my friend, her family and my son.  We just beat the brunch rush and were seated right away.  The ambiance was rustic,  high open ceilings it was nice.  That also made it a little loud, though.  May not have been the best choice for our crowd, which included children.  We ordered drinks first.  Somehow they managed to forget mine, I ended up getting it with my meal for free.  We were a party of five, the food took longer than what we were expecting.  Once it arrived, I had no complaints.  My son ordered the full English breakfast, eggs, English pudding, English bacon, fried tomatoes, beans, turkey sausage, black toast, potatoes and mushrooms.  It was a lot of food, they all went pretty well together.  He couldn’t finish it all.  I had chicken and waffles.  The waffle was light and had whipped cream on it.  I barely needed any syrup, that was great.  The chicken was crispy, tasty, lots of flavor and piping hot.  We also had two orders of steak and eggs, one with potatoes and one with french fries. The fries were great, I skipped the steak.  And finally wings, hot and the mac and cheese.  You could smell the heat from the wings on the table, they were good.  The mac was served in an individual skillet,  I love that.  It keeps it hot the whole time.  It lived up to its hype, it was hot, melty and the used a smoked gouda, wonderful.  My late drink was a ginger beer, it was worth the wait.  I would go back, sans children. 






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