River Styx, Dinner

So ten years ago my little sister went off to college. Ten years later, she’s moving back to her college town.  She really fell in love with it, although being back in Brooklyn was helpful to her career, it was never home again. To celebrate, going out to eat was the only option. We had no real clue where to go, we did want to keep it local.  I told her to Google the menu for River Styx, she saw oysters and was immediately thrilled. They had a few interesting drinks on the cocktail menu, we started with that. I had a tequila based, she had a rum based. Mine was super strong, one and done. She went on to have a second cocktail of a different background, it had ginger in it.  Oysters and a kale salad to start. I probably could have stopped after the salad. It was so good, it had a soft smoked cheese on the bottom, it was amazing. I also ordered nachos with chicken.  The chicken was really good, it was moist, it must have been roasted. I only ate half,  the salad was so filling. She had a pasta dish with mussels.  They change the menu, daily, call ahead if you’re looking for a particular dish. Definitely would go back. It’s right on the water, beautiful views outside.






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