Birthday dinner at Buttermilk Channel


I am always excited about birthdays. Mine and anyone’s, they are truly your day. I was really looking forward the cheddar waffle, it did not disappoint.  The cheese was just enough to taste, not over power. It was light and crispy as a waffle should be. The balsamic maple syrup was the right mix for the waffle. The chicken blew me away. I was so looking forward to waffle the chicken took a back seat in my mind.  It was moist and pipping hot.  The meal started with popovers. They were glazed in honey and they were delicious.  I ordered cornbread with chili lime butter, it was a mini loaf and really good. The butter was the right amount of tang.  I also had the house made pickles. The spears were sour and the slices were sweet and flavorful.  We had Van Leeuwen ice cream, pecan pie sundae, coffee de cream and chocolate tart with pretzel drizzle. All of the dessert were great.

The slaw served with the meal was a little dry and the peas were a little more crisp then we would have preferred.  Other than that the meal was perfect.

The ambiance was simple and created enough space for our party of seven to still be intimate.

I had a great meal, great time and I would go again.  Next time to try brunch 😉



#foodporn #brooklyn

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