Clinton Street Baking Co

I came years ago, pretty much pre blogging and when they only occupied the one small space. I went on a weekday and there still was about 10 to 15 minute wait. I tried to go in the fall the wait was 45 minutes to an hour for my party of three. This time I ended up with no wait at the bar, the one perk of being a party of one, sometimes two. I ordered coffee, it’s endless which is great. I noticed they had chicken sausage on the specials menu, I ordered that and pancakes. I got my chocolate chips on the side. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by the chocolate. These pancakes were fluffy, edges crispy, the syrup was warm and buttery. I did put some chips in between a two pancakes, I ate that section when they melted. Definitely would go back. I spent about $30 with tip. During the day it’s cash only.

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